Moving Hosting to Virtual Private Servers in Australia

8WEB will have a dedicated server in Australia this month!

We are in the process of migrating our clients from semi-dedicated server offshore to a Virtual Private servers in Australia. The result will be that our clients’ websites will load faster and will work better. 8WEB will manage the servers to make sure for optimum performance. We promise not to overcrowd each server with too many websites, as some providers do.

Due to high costs of maintaining a server in Australia, our hosting charges unfortunatelly have to go up. Good news is that they are still extremely competitive when compared to available managed VPS offers in Australia.

You will have 1gig of space and 5gig of web traffic every month, enough for most (bar most demanding) websites. In our experience, an average website rarely exceeds 1gig a month. You will find more info and the link on our SUPPORT page.

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