5 Nasty Things Your Web Designer Does NOT Want You to Know

The Web is filled with offers that seem too good to be true.

Buyer Beware is a motto most of us should remember especially when starting a new business relationship. But sometimes the ‘nasties’ are hidden from the view, and are really hard to detect. And yes, when we are tired… who wants to read the fine print. Well… you will hear me say, “Told you so…”.

Anyway, here’s 5 things we think are especially nasty, and yet are an everyday occurrance in web design industry:

  1. Who holds the copyright?! – Some outfits will charge you couple of hundred bucks for a website, but will retain the copyright. Then if you want to move somewhere else, they will demand thousands more… At 8WEB, if you are our client, you will always hold copyright to your website!
  2. Who owns the domain name?! – Some will offer the domain name for FREE if you go with them, and then register it in their (web design co) name. Want your domain name back after that… Good luck! To complain in Australia will cost you a minimum of $1,700, and that only gets you a mediation service from AuDA. Best pay that $5,000 they are asking you now, and chalk it up to experience. At 8WEB, if you are our client, you will always own your domain name! This will cost you on average $27.50 per year.
  3. What are all these EXTRAS?! – Would you believe some charge $22 or more for each email account and email forwarding set-up, even if it takes seconds to do?! Well it pays to read the fine print, and work out the total cost you are likely to be hit with. Ask the questions first or pay the price later. At 8WEB, if you are our client, email account set-ups are FREE! Most other help is charged out at $50 (+GST) per hour.
  4. But I thought the Hosting was in Australia?! – There’s 3 kinds of Hosting: Shared (your website shares a server with many hundreds of other websites), Semi-dedicated (your website shares a server with ONLY a FEW other websites – usually between 10 to 50), and Dedicated (you have a whole server to yourself). Also, the response times from your website will depend if it is hosted overseas or in Australia. Every business should check what are they paying for; sometimes you will find that you are paying through the nose for shared hosting overseas. Again, ask the questions first, or pay the price later! At 8WEB, we offer ONLY managed VPS Australian Hosting! You will pay only $39 (+GST) for 1 Gig of space and 5 Gig of web traffic!
  5. I am covered by Fair Trading, right?! – Not exactly. You are if you are dealing with a fully registered Australian company, like we are. But… let’s face it, 9 out of 10 web design businesses are based in Moldova, India or Philippines. Even if they are Australian, a lot of them don’t even have a registered business name, let alone a registered company. Now that you paid them upfront, you better hope they deliver! At 8WEB, we have all the right numbers! We are a private Australian company trading under a business name of 8WEB, registered with ASIC. If you want to see our company certificates, all you have to do is ask nicely.

If you feel that your web designer is holding something back from you, you’re probably right. Want us to give you our opinion; let us know, and we will tell you what we think.