Google Ads

Google Ads: reaching your audience

For your website to be able to bring you value, it must be found. This is a given. Valid and authentic content as well as a website built according to the best SEO practices are a must if you want to be found. Also true.

Whilst targeting top spots in organic search results is highly desired, there definitely is a place for paid advertising. Google Ads may well be the perfect option to bring your website to the right audience.

At 8WEB we are certified in management of Google Ads. We offer an on-going, monthly service.

If you are considering Google Ads for your business, it is important to understand that there isn't one golden rule that ensures profits and fits every business, every website. To be successful in the world of Google Ads, familiarity with Google Ads platform, your products and services as well as the target audience are key factors. Being successful with Google Ads is based on understanding the local market and a combination of using the right keywords that are connected to well written ads, that in turn have an optimised cost per click structure and a well designed landing page geared for conversions.

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