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WordPress – Easy CMS You Can Manage Yourself!

Many have heard of WordPress and think it is a cool tool to create hobby type blogging sites; but there is much more to WordPress than blogs. WordPress for business is an excellent tool for the creation of websites. It is a complete Content Management System (CMS) that can be used to create fresh and professional looking, easy to read business websites – that most importantly are easy to update and maintain.

A way too common complaint amongst small business owners is the lack of authority and access to their own website. Current trends demand that small business websites are integrated with social media platforms, that small business owners should keep in touch with their existing customers and fans via Facebook and Twitter, and attract new customers via social media marketing. Many small business owners would love to do this, but simply can not afford to pay thousands of dollars to their web developer to keep updating their website, or lack the time or technical skills to do it all by themselves.

Here at 8WEB, we create stylish WordPress business websites for a very reasonable price. You can do it all by yourself, but an honest estimation is, it would probably take you more than 4 weeks of hard work to get it done right (and quite likely more than 2 months) – plus a lot of frustration and countless hours spent on searching and learning about website related issues on the internet. You can do it, or you can let us to do it for you.

After the website is finished, including the complete integration of your business website with social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, we will train you or your staff to do updates yourself. Or if you would rather let us do the updates for you, we are more than happy to help, and will charge a very reasonable fee (check SUPPORT for prices). We are always here to assist you with your questions. Just pick up the phone and give us a call.

We are an Aussie business helping other Australian small businesses set up their web presence and be social media ready. Using WordPress for the creation of your business website and fully integrating it with popular social media accounts and platforms, we help your business to have a meaningful web presence and start using social media marketing as an effective tool to drive more interest and customers to your business.

At present, you can get us to do a website for you for $3,100 (+ GST). Have a look around our website. You can have it all!